notewise audio recording and logging

Audio Recording & Logging Just Got a Lot Easier

NoteWise from JAVS brings elite recording capabilities to a simple interface you can use on any PC. Designed for courts and government councils, NoteWise automates common tasks and makes others a breeze — all at an affordable price.


Use customized Quick Notes that you can add to any part of the proceedings while they’re happening, making it fast and easy to mark segments for future listeners.

Government Councils

NoteWise records in open source audio files so you can promote increased accessibility for your constituents and make proceedings immediately available online.

Portable Hearings

Create minutes and transcripts faster via NoteWise’s visual interface for isolating channels. Automatic Notes mean you’ll never lose your place in the audio data.

Law Firms

Get better quality depositions and have complete control over the trial preparation process by bringing deposition recording in house via NoteWise on your office PC.

Depend on NoteWise to Help You Get More Done, Faster.

If your job involves recording proceedings or meetings, NoteWise improves your productivity through making all your audio management tasks streamlined and efficient.



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