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LFH7400/0740 Dictation Recorder App
Dictation Recorder App

LFH7400/0740 series

Productivity on the go with a professional dictation solution The Philips recorder app is designed to fit perfectly with the Philips SpeechExec software suite. Recording, editing, and sending dictation files from your Smartphone offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround times.

Easy-to-use touch screen control for intuitive operation

The display shows all recording functions, and the main interface allows the user to record and navigate within recordings. Additionally, users can prioritize a recording, define a keyword and/or a category, or simply edit the recording name. The clear user interface makes it fast and easy to find what you’re looking for. It guides you through the dictation and upload process quickly and intuitively.

File encryption for maximum security

To avoid people accidentally getting access to your audio files, the highly secure Philips Recorder for Smartphones optionally offers the capability to encrypt dictation files. In addition, the application can be locked via PIN code.

Express Recorder Mode for fast and simple dictation

Shake, record, send: the Express Mode is quick and easy. Shake to record, and shake again to save your recording or have it sent immediately to your SpeechExec Mobile server (only available for iPhone).

SpeechLive for secure online storage

SpeechLive takes dictation workflow to the cloud, with all its great benefits. Dictations can be safely uploaded and downloaded from anywhere in the world. End-to-end double encryption protects recordings from unauthorized access. SpeechLive works seamlessly with all Philips input devices, connects with SpeechExec software and adapts to your company’s working structure.



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